May 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact ZNLabs?

  • Simply call our toll free phone number 888.965.9652 to speak with a live person (never a phone tree) or send us an email at

How do I set up a ZNLabs account and request a starter kit?

  • Simply call 888.965.9652 or request a kit from our website and provide our friendly staff with:
    • Clinic Name
    • Address
    • Primary Contact
    • Phone, Fax, email
    • Desired method of result delivery (email, fax, webportal, or any combination the three)

Who will be processing the samples?

  • Your samples will be in the loving care of our experienced staff of highly trained “Zennies”. (click here to meet our team)
  • Dr. Andy Loar (Co-Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. David Gardiner (Co-Chief Medical Officer) oversee all aspects of ZNLabs sample processing.

What are your turnaround times?

  • Our commitment is to provide our clients with expert diagnosis while still maintaining the quickest possible turnaround times.
  • ZNLabs is strategically located in Louisville, KY to be within minutes of the UPS WorldPort headquarters which allows us to report results by 8AM local time for most hematology and chemistry samples. For example, if your package is picked up by a UPS driver today you would receive most hematology and chemistry results by 8AM the next morning.  Other results will be reported the same day we receive the sample unless otherwise noted on our directory of fees and services.
  • ZNLabs uses Animal Reference Pathology for pathology services. Animal Reference Pathology has been providing pathology services for over 30 years and has an experienced and dedicated team of technicians and board certified pathologists with a wide range of specialties. Histopathology turnaround time is usually 2-3 days unless there is bone or the sample is not completely fixed upon sample receipt.

What do you charge for testing?

  • Our pricing is simple, friendly and fair.  All pricing is available in our Test Menu (please call us for the password).  For detailed and specific pricing information contact us.
  • Everyone gets the same amazing prices, no negotiations, minimums or contracts!
  • All Doctor & Staff pets receive free testings for everything we do in house, including all Blue Tests and most Green Tests.

Can I use the supplies that I currently have?

  • Yes you can use your existing supplies but please download a requisition form from our website and be sure to include your ZNLabs account number on the req form. The ZNLab acct # will be sent to you as part of your starter kit which will also include all the specimen and UPS supplies you will need.  You can request more supplies by visiting or calling 1.888.965.9652 or visiting and clicking the “request supplies” link.

How do we send samples and request a pickup?

  • ZNLabs is proud to use UPS as its courier. Put your samples in a UPS clinical pack, make sure the clinical pack is sealed before sending, and attach a ZNLabs UPS prepaid label. You must use a ZNLabs UPS label, which will be part of your starter kit.  If you don’t have a label you can easily go to and create your own UPS label.


  • How do I request a pickup? You can do any following:
    • Call UPS at 1-844-487-7522. You will need to provide UPS with the UPS tracking # on the package.
    • Become a UPS Package Pickup Point location. UPS has offered this service free of charge and will assign a UPS driver to stop by Monday – Friday at the same time every day to pick up ANY UPS packages.  An email from UPS will be sent to you with more instructions (also see the How to Ship a Package section on our website for more details)
    • Give your package to any UPS driver
    • Drop your package off at a UPS Store or in a UPS Dropbox. Be aware that UPS dropbox pickups do not occur on Saturdays or Sundays 

How will I get results?

  • Results can be sent via email, accessed and downloaded via ZNLabs webportal, fax, or any combination of all 3. Your webportal login and password will be included with your starter kit.  You can call us at 888.965.9652 if you have any questions.

How do I pay my invoice?

  • Mail payment via check to ZNLabs PO Box 17580, Salt Lake City, UT 84117
  • Pay via credit by clicking here or clicking on the “pay online” link in the top navigation.
  • Give us a call at 888.965.9652 to sign up for credit card auto-payment