May 23, 2018

How to ship a package to ZNLabs

Thank you for choosing ZNLabs!

We are working hard to make sure that sending samples to ZNLabs is SIMPLE and EASY.  Please follow the instructions below, but feel free to give ZNLabs a call at 1.888.965.9652 if you have ANY questions.

Simple Steps for Sending a Package:

  1. ZNLabs will provide you with UPS shipping labels that are specifically addressed to ZNLabs.
    1. You can also print off a UPS label by clicking here.
    2. You must use these UPS labels on all of the packages you send to ZNLabs. This will ensure that your package arrives at ZNLabs as quickly and as safely as possible.
  2. Peal and affix the UPS label to a UPS Laboratory Pak and put all of your labeled and packaged samples in the UPS Lab Pak. Multiple samples can go in one UPS Lab  Remember to seal the UPS Lab Pak.
  3. Keep the separate smaller “customer copy” label that contains the UPS tracking # for your records. In case any issues arise during delivery, having the UPS tracking number is essential when trying to locate your package.
  4. UPS Pick-Up options: When your UPS package is ready for pick-up, please use one of the options listed below:
    1. Call the UPS Lab hotline at 1-844-487-7522 to request a free pick-up. UPS needs to be notified 4 hours before your required pick-up time.
      1. You will need to provide a UPS tracking number; the tracking number can be found directly on the UPS label or in the bottom section of UPS label titled “customer copy”. (Please note: UPS tracking numbers will always begin with: 1Z.)
    2. As a free service you can elect to become a UPS Package Pick-up Point. For locations that become a UPS Package Pick-up Point, the UPS driver will pick-up any UPS packages at your location (not just ZNLabs packages) every weekday afternoon on a daily or “on demand” basis.  If you would like to become a UPS Package Pick-up Point just let us know and we will forward all the necessary information to UPS.
    3. Give the package to any UPS driver.
    4. Drop off at any UPS drop box Monday – Friday.
    5. Drop off at any UPS Store location Monday – Saturday.
  5. That’s it! Please let us know if you have any questions.  Call us at 1-888-965-9652 to speak with one of our friendly Zennies.  We are always happy to walk you through the UPS process.