May 10, 2019

Same Day FNA

Same-day cytology interpretation is possible and affordable!!


Our same-day FNA service includes:

  • No contracts (one of our main tenants)
  • Results in hours instead of days
  • Easy capture or scan and send capability
  • Free training and support
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Cost-effective scanner solution




Our remote pathology solution works with almost any digital microscope/scanner. We are now partnering with Motic to offer you a microscope with built in digital camera and one touch image upload to the cloud for only $3,249. The microscope can be used for routine microscope work but has the advantage of also being able to capture images and easily upload to the cloud for pathologist access and quick interpretation.


See what our Doctors have to say:
“The technology is here—now and today! Remote cytology isn’t a costly esoteric service anymore. It is available to every veterinary clinic and small lab. It will rapidly become the norm and not the exception. For many cases shipping the glass slides is no longer necessary. I hope clinics will quickly adopt the technology as it allows faster results and treatment decisions.”
–  David W Gardiner, Co-CMO & Chief Pathology Officer

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Best of Class Scanners

Motic Panthera L
Manual Digital Microscopy
If you are a lower-volume lab or clinic looking to go digital, the Motic Panthera L is a great solution for capturing multiple fields of view. It features excellent image quality and direct integration with our remote pathology platform.



Motic EasyScan One
Affordable Automated Digital Scanner
The Motic EasyScan One is an affordable, single-slide scanner for an effective scanning solution. The EasyScan One provides high-quality images and direct integration with our remote pathology platform.



If you want to try and capture pics on your existing microscope using a smartphone as the camera check out these adapters that make it easier to capture high quality images. (VetLab Adapter  LabCam Adapter) or just google smartphones microscope adapters.