October 19, 2017

Test Menu

Click the links below are for our simplified test menu and requisition forms – practically everything you need in a short & easy format!

Test Menu:

Test Menu


Requisition/Submission Forms:

Blue Test Requisition Form

Green Test Requisition Form

Green Test Pathology Requisition Form

Orange Test Requisition Form

Combined Forms

All requisitions are password protected. Please contact us to confirm your account and receive the password.


Our sister lab, Animal Reference Pathology, or ARP, does all Histopathology for ZNLabs.  We love ARP!

We do everything the big labs do, we just make it simpler, we’re friendly, our prices are amazing – and no contracts!

Brief Explanation of the Menu

The Blue Tests (page 1): The most common tests you run, simplified, priced for each patient order. See sheet above for reference

The Green Tests (page 2): More extensive list with somewhat common tests including Histo, Cyto, Micro, PCR, etc.  Pricing is transparent, as shown 🙂

The Orange Tests (page 3): Some more esoteric tests, not used very often, but available.  In fact, just let us know if you need something not shown, we’ll get it done!

Coming Soon: More details about each test, submission requirements, etc. (AKA a Directory of Services)

In the meantime, please call us (1.888.ZNL.ZNLA or 1.888.965.9652) with any questions!